Project Description

“Magic Cube” – An Interactive Video Install

+ Use our cube to interact with your audience
+ Map 6 sides of the cube – to show videos
+ Combine with touch screen for more interaction/user inputs
+ User registration
+ Effective marketing tool
+ Can be used as a Kiosk, Large Scale Install, Product Activations, Exhibitions, Retail Space, Museums, Attractions and more…

An innovative solution was conceptualized and executed by Activ8Media recently. We call it the “Magic Cube”. An intelligent sensor placed inside a cube, allows us to determine the orientation of the cube, relaying the same information to a media server/PC. Allowing us to control visuals/video/realtime 3D cube orientation.

Imagine your audience pick up the cube and rotate it, each face of the cube relates to a video. Marking the cube with 6 unique ideas that you would like the user/audience to know. An innovative use of technology, where you can arouse the curiosity of the not so technically inclined audience. As simple as picking up a cube!

To take things further, we can use a touch screen, for added user interaction, as the user picks up the cube and rotates it, new information can pop-up on screen asking them for more information (via touch screen). The same can be used for user registrations & social media connects.

The applications of this device are endless, especially for exhibition kiosks, personalized marketing, large scale video installs (LED Wall/Projection/Projection Mapping), Product activations, Retail space, Museums, Attractions and more…


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