//What is 3D projection mapping?

What is 3D projection mapping?

The art of taking an existing object (like a building, car, any product) recreating it in 3D software, create video/graphic content based on that object. Then when we go live, we re-calibrate and project the created video on the real-world object. This process is commonly known as 3D projection mapping, to augmented an object & bring to life using specially produced graphic/video content.

In short 3D projection mapping, is display of video/graphic content on a non-standard, non-flat screen. Generally the video is specially designed for the object that needs to be projected on.

3D projection mapping, can be used for permanent installs, events, exhibitions to map on cars, buildings, small/big objects & products. Usually 3D projection mapping is used to capture the audience imagination, by augmenting the existing structure to make it look larger than life.

The Process

Almost everyday at Activ8Media, we get calls from clients to explain 3D projection mapping, we thought we not put a post on our site about it.

  1. Determine the object, that needs to be projected on, this could be a Car, Bus, Building other products or architectural installs.
  2. Determine the size of projection are and calculate the number of projector required to cover that area
  3. Create the object in 3D software, replicate the real-world in 3D world
  4. Create content/video/graphic based on the 3D template that we now have
  5. On site calibrate the projectors to fit the projection area, edge blending (for multiple projectors)
  6. Map the created content/video to the real-world 3D object (generally this is the most tedious task & takes the most time)
  7. Showtime!

Costs for 3D projection mapping

The cost for 3D projection mapping greatly varies, please keep in mind these are regular projectors (not 3D projectors). Some factors for determining costs are:

  1. No of projectors required
  2. Pixel resolution (how big do we need to make the video/content)
  3. Duration of the content
  4. Hardware & Technical setup
  5. Content creation
  6. Showtime & Show execution
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