3D Projection Mapping2018-09-30T02:09:20+00:00

Project Description


3D projection mapping was done for the launch of Coolpad Max cellphone, in New Delhi.

A 40 foot wide stage was fabricated. All content was pre-rendered using the exact dimension of the physical stage on site. The idea was to highlight various USP’s of the new cell phone is launched.

Therefore we created individual scenes, to represent each key aspect of the phone. Coolpad Max provided us with the key aspects, which were then visually translated into 3D graphics.

The process to create a 3D mapped show is never easy. Not only do we have to create visuals based on a template. It has to have relative meaning to the space we are projecting on. Along with effective sound effects, to drive the point home.

Although 3D projection mapping has now been around for a long time. The technology brings for new innovations every time.