Latest Works

At Activ8Media we create custom and innovative content for corporate events, 3d mapping, motion graphics, video installs, album launches and more. Combining technology with graphics we come up with video concepts, projection designs, audience interaction, taking your events to the the next level.



Permanent and Venue based
We provide complete custom solutions for video installation in NightClubs, Retail space, Event & Exhibitions. Our custom built media servers are tailored to fit your projection/video space requirements. We design your venue using multi-screen seamless setups like 270 and 360 degree projections, 3D Projection mapping, Video walls, custom LED design to creative projection, that enhance your event/space. Our installs are in clubs like Shiro-New Delhi, Shroom-New Delhi, Agni-New Delhi, Kitty Su-New Delhi

Live VJ

Residents & Events
Our highly trained and skilled VJ’s armed with the latest content can power up any event. Our diverse talent has played with top national and international DJ’s. We provide resident VJ’s to nightclubs and event based VJ’s. Our VJ’s are ever evolving and capable of using our projection/install/server technologies to leverage your event/nightclub. Continous experimentation and always learning attitude gives them the edge to perform with you!
Custom Motion Graphics
Corporate, Private and Videos
Planning a projection setup for your event, but not sure of the content, not only do we setup the space, we decorate it too! With years of experience in creating content for multi-screen projections, 3D mapping, VJ events, we have a diverse portfolio of video and motion graphic capabilities. From 3D animations, motion graphics, promotional videos to basic video edits. Our videos have been used in Product Launches, Promotional Events, Award Shows, Corporate Nights, VJ/DJ Events and more.
Interactive Design
Engage your audience!
Innovative technology solutions that help keep your audience hooked. Empower them with their smartphones to interact with your company on a one-on-one basis. Using Augmented Reality turn any print campaign or magazine into an interactive experience. With AR you can show your product in realtime 3D. Instantly like you on Facebook, call or email you from their phones, the possiblities are endless. Let your audience interact with you instantly via their mobiles to you tv screens/projection/video walls. They can leave a message on your wall when they leave your retail space or your exhibition/event.


With interaction design the possiblities are endless, we can transform any space into a live interactive area, which is sure to mesmerise your audience. We can tailor fit expreinces to your requirement and come up creative ideas for you next marketing campaign.